This Land is Your Land – Episode May 1, 2018

In our hands there is a power greater than their hoarded gold — happy May Day, comrades!


  • Grand And Glorious Day
    Ian MacDougall • Cape Breton Island Protest Songs
  • If I Had A Hammer
    Peter, Paul and Mary • Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Hillcrest Mine
    James Keelaghan • Small Rebellions
  • Where the Fraser River Flows
    Utah Phillips • We Have You All a Thousand Years
  • Workingman's Blues
    Sweetwater String Band • River of Rhymes
  • The Ballad of Accounting
    Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger • Folkways Record of Contemporary Songs
  • I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister
    Barbara Dane • I Hate the Capitalist System
  • We Have Fed You All for a Thousand Years
    Folk This! • Banks of Marble
  • They'll Never Keep Us Down
    Hazel Dickens • Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit People
  • Solidarity Forever
    Joe Glazer • I Will Win: Songs of the Wobblies
  • Dump the Bosses Off Your Back
    Anne Feeney • Farewell to the Thief!
  • Millworker
    James Taylor • Flag
  • Part Of The Union
    Strawbs • Bursting At The Seam
  • Jack Ironside
    The Young'uns • Never Forget
  • Ordinary Man
    Christy Moore • The Christy Moore Collection
  • March of the Jobless Corps
    Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird • Lost Causes
  • Go To Work On Monday
    Roy Bailey • Sit Down & Sing
  • Which Side Are You On?
    The Almanac Singers • Talking Union and Other Union Songs
  • There Is Power in a Union
    Billy Bragg • Talking With the Taxman About Poetry
  • Workers' Song
    Dick Gaughan • Handful of Earth
  • La Internationale
    Joey Only Outlaw Band • Joey Only Outlaw Band
  • The Chemical Worker's Song
    Great Big Sea • Up
  • 9 to 5
    Dolly Parton • 9 to 5 And Odd Jobs
  • Tubthumping
    Chumbawamba • Tubthumper
  • The Guillotine
    The Coup • Sorry To Bother You
  • All Day
    Ministry • Twelve Inch Singles
  • Ringing Of Revolution
    Phil Ochs • There But For Fortune