This Land is Your Land – Episode May 8, 2018

Betray your country; serve your class! A tribute to the remarkable life of revolutionary socialist John Maclean.


  • Halfway To Happy
    LYNNeS • Heartbreak Song of the Radio
  • Sisters
    Lifers • Honey Suite
  • weird blues
    Survivalism • Winter Session
  • Bury Me on the Mountain
    Ol' Savannah • Death on the Mountain
  • Histories de fantômes
    Canailles • Backflips
  • Good Fight
    Citizen Jane • In the Storm
  • Into the Darkness
    Joe Vickers • Valley Home
  • Coffee Song
    Brett Wildeman • The Tools We Possess
  • Don't Get Trouble in Mind
    The Lonesome Ace Stringband • Old Time
  • Time You Headed Home
    Black Spruce Bog • The Hatchery Session
  • Hallelujah Halifax!
    audio/rocketry • Eastward + Onward
  • Blue Sorrow And Then Some
    David Francey • The Broken Heart of Everything
  • Big Lake Lullaby
    Sam Tudor • The Modern New Year
  • Broken Toys
    AM Static • A Life Well Lived
  • The Great Unrest
    Washington Irving • August 1914
  • Don't Sign Up For War
    Alistair Hulett, Dave Swarbrick • Red Clydeside
  • No Gods & Precious Few Heroes
    Dick Gaughan • Sail On
  • Maggie Gangs Away
    North Sea Gas • Fire In The Glen
  • John Maclean's March
    Jim Malcolm • To Be The Nation Again
  • The Internationale
    Alistair Hulett • Love, Loss and Liberty
  • The Old Divide and Rule
    Andrew Gordon • Live at Dunfermline Folk Club
  • Ballad Of John Maclean
    Mick West Band • Right Side O' The People
  • Dirty Old Town
    Ewan MacColl • Black And White
  • John Maclean and Agnes Wood
    Alistair Hulett, Dave Swarbrick • Red Clydeside