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Tombstone After Dark

Tuesday 7pm - 8pm
Hosted By: Keri Rak, Daren Powell

Join revolving hosts Daren & Keri as we play you some country music – the good kind. The kind that’s all about drinkin’, cheatin’, hurtin’, cryin’, pickin’ yourself up by your bootstraps, gettin’ back up and dustin’ yourself off, ridin’ your horse into town and gettin’ yourself a big steak, seein’ the love of your life across a smoky room, dancin’, lovin’, marryin’, ridin’ into the sunset, drinkin’, cheatin’, hurtin’, yellin’, cussin’, fightin’, shootin’, breakin’ the law’, and fallin’ down again to the sound of howlin’ coyotes. And trains. Lots of songs about trains. Some of the songs are old & traditional, some are newer, some are by great local artists, and some are from far-away places like…. Texas or Nashville! There might even be some rockabilly thrown in for good measure to keep your toes tappin’, and we ain’t afraid of no bluegrass, western swing, hillbilly or country blues either! Now go get your hat on straight and pour yourself a bourbon and listen…. or we’ll have to settle this the hard way, partner.

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