Tombstone After Dark – Episode July 19, 2016


  • Blue Canadian Rockies
    Hank Rivers • Hank's Centennial Travels
  • With Tears In My Eyes
    Texas Ruby • Favorite Songs of Texas Ruby
  • Old Conestoga Wagon
    Jesse Rogers • Western Swing Post WW2
  • Alway's Late with your Kisses
    Lefty Frizell • Look What Thoughts Will Do
  • Pour Me
    Ginger St. James • One For the Money
  • In My Cups
    Western Centuries • Weight Of The World
  • Old Five And Dimers Like Me
    Tom T Hall • The Rhymer And Other Five And Dimers
  • Far Thee Well, Carolina Gals
    Robbie Fulks • Upland Stories
  • Brokeback Son
    Joe Vickers • Coffee Cowboy
  • My Friends
    Hayes Carll • Lovers And Leavers
  • Lungs
    Townes Van Zandt • Live At The Old Quarter, Houston TX.
  • Sea Stories
    Sturgill Simpson • A Sailor's Guide To Earth
  • Chickens
    Boo Ray • Sea of Lights
  • Death Himself
    Petunia and the Vipers • Dead Bird on the Highway
  • High Life
    Mark Lanegan • Publishing Demos 2002
  • Amy
    Hi-Strung Downers • Can't Feel Good All the Time