Two Top Intervals – Episode January 29, 2023

Showfill by Miguel Venexen A strange mix of tracks. Mostly a tribute to Ching! Especially the raw, unrehearsed, unedited, barely planned (never practiced) singing for the FOOD SONG OF THE WEEK segment! :-) Includes an Exclusive, unreleased track by The Man in the Boat aka Rupert El Toro aka Brian Campbell! Not even finished being polished yet, but I had to play it!!!


  • The Positive and the Negative
    Minoru Muraoka • Bamboo
  • One Inch Punch
    Yin Yin • The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
  • Rolling Down the Street, in My Katamari
    Fearofdark • Motorway (Remastered 2021)
  • 9 - 5 Silver
    Jairus Sharif • Water & Tools
  • Freddie (feat. Latvian Voices)
    Dagamba • Seasons
  • Asparagus Or Brussels Sprouts?
    Elizabete BalĨus • Hotel Universe
  • Ok Good Good
    Ricca Razor Sharp • A Mullet, A Rav 4 & a Tattoo
  • Food
    Buck 65 • Square
  • Black Squirrels
    Fermented Beet Orchestra • Black Squirrels - Single
  • Moldovan Zhok
    Black Ox Orkestar • Everything Returns
  • Return of the Heretic
    Badawi • The Heretic of Ether
  • Red Autumn Fall
    Jeremy Jackson Spencer • In My Dreams
  • Five
    hundredmillionthousand • Attention Span
  • Just Breathe
    The Man in the Boat • Unreleased