The Community Signal | February 2023

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Hi Friend,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Emily Donville, CJSW’s incoming Program Director!  Emily has been a volunteer programmer on CJSW for the past three years, a UCalgary student representative on our organization’s Board of Directors since May 2020 and now will be taking on this challenging staff role. She took over  this position from our incredible outgoing Program Director Tyra Sanderson last month.

For those not in the know, CJSW’s Program Director provides oversight to all the content heard on the station. This means the Program Director trains, develops and slots our volunteer programmers on to CJSW’s on-air schedule, works with our podcast department, responding to listener comments and much more. To that point, if you ever have any feedback on any aspect of CJSW programming, including website or mobile app feedback, feel free to reach out to Emily at [email protected].

Happy listening and stay in touch!

All the best,
Adam Kamis