The Community Signal | March 2023

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Every month, CJSW Radio puts out a monthly community newsletter! Read on for news, charts, events, videos, and more great content!

Hi Friend,

Is your band playing a gig soon? Are you producing a performance in the coming weeks? If so, let CJSW know! 

You are able to share your upcoming event with CJSW’s listenership by emailing [email protected] to be added to the CJSW Concert Calendar.  Events sent in are collated by our team of volunteers and used by our programmers to announce on-air every week. While this free service is open to events of any type, but may not mean that all events are announced on-air. To learn more about pre-produced, scheduled advertising opportunities, please drop a line to [email protected].

Don’t let this accessible opportunity to spread the word on your event pass you by!

Thank you!

All the best,
Adam Kamis