Daytime Television – Episode April 12, 2023

Program: Daytime Television

Length: 120 minutes


  • About Her Eyes
    Jerry Jeff Walker • Five Years Gone
  • I Just Can't Neglect You
    Art Lown • Piper Oz the Hound
  • Nectar
    Tindersticks • The First Tindersticks Album
  • She's Making Friends, I'm Turning Stranger
    Purple Mountains • Purple Mountains
  • Don't Let Our Love Go to Waste
    Galaxie 500 • Today
  • Marea
    Helvetia • Gladness (2001-2006)
  • Stare At The Sky
    Idaho • Three Sheets To The Wind
  • My Favorite West Wednesday Afternoon
    The Siddelays • Scared To Get Happy
  • Honey Party
    Zacht Automaat • P Is For Progress
  • Water Table
    Cola • Deep In View
  • I Wanna Be A Winner
    Vickie and the Van Dykes • Basement Beehive
  • In and Out of the Shadows
    Dion • Born to Be With You
  • I Am Controlled By Your Love
    Helene Smith • Eccentric Soul
  • Time
    Otis The 3rd • Time b/w Walk On By
  • You've Got a Woman
    Lion • You've Got a Woman
  • Eyes of Love
    The Edge of Daybreak • Eyes of Love
  • Right On for the Darkness
    Willie Wright • Soul Spectrum Records, Vol. 1
  • Welcome To All This Love Again
    Dyson's Faces • Dyson's Faces
  • Did She Mention My Name
    Dr. John • Did She Mention My Name
  • Yes Indeed
    Super Sounds Namba • Life Stories
  • African Jazz Mokili Mobimbo
    Grand Kalle • Joseph Kabasele and the Creation of Modern Congolese Music, Vol. 1
  • Abbracciala Abbracciali Abbracciati
    Lucio Battisti • Anima Latina