Folkcetera – Episode January 28, 2016


  • america
    simon and garfunkel • the essential simon and garfunkel
  • end of the rainbow
    the wainwright sisters • songs in the dark
  • are you lost
    blue sky miners • blue sky miners
  • when that train comes along
    eric bibb and jj milteau • lead belly' gold
  • the cruel mistress
    barrule • manannan's cloak
  • big skies
    ruth purves smith • faster than the speed of dark
  • silver curls and crooked bones
    scott mackay • twin
  • burnin the candle at both ends
    matt Patershuk • i was so fond of you
  • short hair woman blues
    dave rawlings machine • nashville obsolete
  • bravery
    poor nameless boy • bravery
  • red river city
    levi cuss • night thief
  • the briar and the rose
    old man luedecke • domestic eccentric
  • young
    lynn jackson • songs of rain snow and remembering
  • yarmouth town
    bellowhead • beginner's guide to english folk
  • a brisk young widow
    brass monkey • beginner's guide to english folk
  • all right jack
    home service • beginner's guide to english folk
  • john the gun
    fotheringay • beginner's guide to english folk
  • tam lin
    fairport convention • meet on the ledge
  • rogues in a nation
    steeleye span • parcel of rogues