Noise – Episode November 3, 2022

Program: Noise

Length: 90 minutes

Thanks to everyone for their CJSW funding Drive support!! YEAH!! This show supporting live events coming this week at Theatre 1308 Calgary-Montreal gathering, Festival Hall, Celebration of Allen Baekeland at Palomino plus new experimental music


  • Wicked Game
    Rembetika Hipsters • Cover Art
  • Purple Girl
    The Now Feeling • The Now Feeling
  • Track 3
    Rodney Guitarsplat Brent • Rodney's Art Music Demo 2008
  • Tear My Stillhouse Down
    The Lovebullies and Kris Demeanor • Cover Art
  • Woolf and Plath (Remix)
    FOONYAP • Apropos
  • The Fun Machine
    FOONYAP • Palimpset
  • Blow Your Heart 'Till It Explodes
    Jeremy Gignoux • Cinacoustic
  • This Flight Tonight
    Aimee Jo Benoit with Trio Velocity • Bonjoner
  • At Peace with my demons
    Eyevin Aurélien Tomasi • Hommage à Thomas Chapin
  • Le Rèves Errants
    Trio Jonathan Turgeon with Hugo Blouin • Le Rèves Errants
  • Daitchovo Horo
    Kutsi Merki • Live Session
  • La Llorona
    Shnock & Shanti • Flàneries aux Bouts du Monde
  • Hymn For Rob
    Esmerine • Everything Was Forever Until It Was No More
  • Cloud Waltz
    Inkarose • A Love Letter to Water
  • Resistance Creature
    Jessica Moss • Galaxy Heart
  • Far Out Exposure
    lokey • the far out exposure experience
  • Alas, Departing
    Sarah Davachi • Two Sisters
  • Buried Them In Water
    Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir • Everything Was a Long Time Ago