Poser Radio – Episode February 1, 2023

It's Black History Month! Which means we're celebrating with exclusively black punk bands for all of February! This week is focused more on broadening your horizons outside of your standard Death, X-Ray Spex, Bad Brains, and Pure Hell by listening to a couple of bands from the other side of the ocean.


    Sudan Archives • Natural Brown Prom Queen
  • And I Follow
    Generals of Monrovia • Generals of Monrovia
  • Fatherless Kids
    TCIYF • Hammer Roid
  • Black AF
    Crystal Axis • 7"
  • Innocence
    Blood Sugar X • The Dead Dumb Happy Life, Vol. 1
  • Set The World On Fire
    Red Arkade • Livewire
  • Chambre A Coucher
    The OBGM's • The OBGMs
  • Survival Gathering
    Rebelmatic • Elephant Amnesia
  • Rudo Chairwo
    Chikwata.263 • Chauya
  • Buckshot
    The 1865 • Don't Tread On We!
  • Seize
    Pleasure Venom • Seize
  • Syncytium
    A Pact Between Strangers • Original Junglist Massive