Poser Radio – Episode February 22, 2023

We're rounding off the Black History Month special on Poser Radio, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to hear any more Black punks on the radio! This week was an amalgamation of some well known classics, Tik Tok famous bands and a return to a classic artist.


  • Courageous Cat
    Pure Hell • Noise Addiction
  • Urgent Care
    Rough Francis • Urgent Care
  • Insufficient Fare
    Cerebral Ballzy • Cerebral Ballzy
  • Blood In Her Brain
    Junior Astronomers • Dead Nostalgia
  • Death Ships
    Building Better Bombs • Freak out Squares
  • C'Mon
    Suffrajett • Suffrajett
  • Red, White, Blue
    Proper. • The Great American Novel
  • Northern Line
    Bob Vylan • We Live Here
  • Scar Your Lungs
    Whole Wheat Bread • Minority Rules
  • Firing the Love
    Skindred • Babylon
  • Free Fall From Space
    Bam Bam • Free Fall From Space
  • On Top
    The BellRays • Black Lightning
  • Nails
    A Pact Between Strangers • Things Are Dead Pretending To Be Living