The Almanacs – Episode September 1, 2022

Program: The Almanacs

Length: 13 minutes

Edmonton filmmaker Neil Grahn shares about a new documentary series, RODEO NATION, that explores the world of First Nations rodeo riders in Alberta.

The UCP war on post secondary education in Alberta, ecologically critical wetlands threatened by new sprawl on the edge of Calgary, Alberta Views Magazine September issue preview, and a new doc film series on Indigenous rodeo riders in Alberta.


  • Haze
    Ariel Ulysses • Emergence From Behind Shutters of Clouds
  • Short Fall
    Magnolia • Confluencer
  • Underlands
    Andrew Bird • Inside Problems
  • Hold On
    Paul Jacobs • 185 On the Corner EP
  • Tresor
    Gwenno • Tresor
  • Calgary '88
    Frontperson • Parade
  • Me and the Black Mold and the Cat Who is Now My Cat
    BA Johnston • Werewolves of London Ontario
  • The Extra Sees the Film
    Kiwi Jr. • Chopper
  • Castle Waltz
    slowly becoming • Sunroom Sessions Vol.1
  • I Miss Things I Never Had
    Terence Etc. • V O R T E X
  • Sorry
    Lavender Dream • Miss Gendered
  • all the Time
    Ghost Woman • Ghost Woman
  • No One's Listening
    The Sadies • Colder Streams
  • Say Less, Do More
    Yoo Doo Right • A Murmur, Boundless To The East
  • Daybreak
    Medicine Singers • Medicine Singers
  • Nautilus
    MISZCZYK • Thyrsis of Etna
  • God Is a Reptile
    JayWood • Slingshot
  • Unbraid: The Merge
    Kaitlyn Aurealia Smith • Let's Turn It Into Sound
  • Days In Sea
    Moat Bells • Bones of Things
  • Darkened Light
    Moat Bells • Bones of Things
  • North Garden
    ODESZA • The Last Goodbye