The Almanacs – Episode September 8, 2022

Program: The Palgary Almanac

Length: 21 minutes

A new Indigenous mural has been completed on UCalgary’s Foothills campus. Jared Trailfeathers was the Indigenous artist mentor for this project, working with three other Indigenous artists. Jared talks about his connection to the School of Medicine through his late father and the process of coming together with other First Nations to create the mural. We discuss the importance of this placemaking project, Indigenous approaches to medicine, and the importance of visual story telling.

Rambler's Almanac #86: Nicole and Sarah are back and explore the importance of storytelling in understanding our past and charting our futures. Interview with Gayathri Shukla and Jared Tailfeathers.


  • Rocks in a Riverbed
    Heather May • Folk Revival
  • Cruel Country
    Wilco • Cruel Country
  • Go Somewhere
    Luke Lalonde • The Perpetual Optimist
  • Crab Walking Home In The Rain
    Jason Collett • Single
  • Bees
    Caribou • The Milk of Human Kindness
  • If I was A Folk Star
    The Avalanches • Wildflower
  • Hold On
    Paul Jacobs • 185 On the Corner EP
  • Orchard
    Magnolia • Confluencer
  • Tresor
    Gwenno • Tresor
  • Saint
    Rah Rah • The Poet's Dead
  • There is Power in A Union
    Utah Phillips • We Have Fed You All A Thousand Years
  • RUN
    Basement Sweet • LOST EP
  • Parade
    Frontperson • Parade
  • Just Sayin
    JayWood, featuring Ami Cheon • Slingshot
  • Digging Our Own
    Natural Twenty • Cantrips
  • Wanted To Tell You
    Hello Moth • When the Sky Melted
  • The Once Child
    OMBIIGIZI • Sewn Back Together
  • Ode to Outdoor Activities 2020
    Gratuitous Platypus • If I Smile, Can I Go?
  • Red River
    Zoon, featuring Sunnsetter • Big Pharma EP
  • Today
    Sheenah Ko • Future Is Now
  • Bus Tickets
    Tamarack Cunningham • Frequency Modulation
  • The Trees
    Ghostkeeper • Multidimensional Culture