The Almanacs – Episode September 15, 2022

Program: The Almanacs

Length: 10 minutes

Director Eric Javier shares about his new short film that tells the story of a young Dene child learning to from his father how to make a caribou drum.

Interviews with three different documentary film directors screening new docs at this year's Calgary International Film Festival.


  • The Moon is Slow
    Jacob Faurholt • When The Spiders Crawl
  • In Kincarine
    Keegan Powell • Previous Pain
  • Room in a Bubble
    Eddy • Fluid
  • Nightshift
    Of Montreal • Freewave Lucifer f<ck f​^​ck f>ck
  • Try Try Try
    Pillow Queens • Leave The Light On
  • Listen to the Beatles
    Caleb Nichols • Ramon
  • We Could Be Strangers
    Father John Misty • Chloë and the Next 20th Century
  • Skyscraper
    Automatic • Excess
  • Home Maker
    Sudan Archives • Natural Brown Prom Queen
  • Gettin' to the Point
    Panda Bear & Sonic Boom • Reset
  • Advisor
    Preoccupations • Arrangements
  • Space Station Soul
    Ariel Ulysses • Emergence From Behind Shutters of Clouds
  • Roman Candles
    Death Cab For Cutie • Asphalt Meadows
  • Never Here
    Oliver Sim • Hideous Bastard
  • Sunrise (Rumble)
    Medicine Singers • Medicine Singers
  • Ardamm
    Gwenno • Tresor
  • In the Soil
    slowly becoming • Sunroom Sessions Vol.1
  • Night Vision
    Kiwi Jr. • Chopper
  • Good
    Ghost Woman • Good
  • Before the Fall (feat. Ryan Hemsworth)
    afternoon bike ride • glossover
  • Make a Picture
    Andrew Bird • Inside Problems
  • For the Breakdowns
    afternoon bike ride • glossover
  • Darkened Light
    Moat Bells • Bones of Things
  • Thank You
    JayWood • Slingshot