Them Fatale – Episode July 26, 2022

It's time for session number THREE with Christy! Tune in to hear their first set of running the board all on their own! Plus we have all the banter and lol's to boot!


  • Something
    Lushings • Lushings
  • Cult Logic
    Miike Snow • Miike Snow
  • Hurts Being Alive
    Down Time • Hurts Being Alive
  • Blessin' Me
    Red Hearse • Red Hearse
  • Funky Galileo
    Sure Sure • Funky Galileo
  • I Don't Know
    Sjowgren • I Don't Know
  • Inside the Molecule
    Chad Vangaalen • Soft Airplane
  • Fucking Up What Matters
    Tegan and Sara • Fucking Up What Matters - Single
  • Dead Disco
    Metric • Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
  • Hypnic Jerks
    SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE • Hypnic Jerks
  • Sleepless Sheep
    Bonnie Trash • Ezzelini's Dead
  • Distressor
    Cherry Glazerr • Stuffed & Ready
  • Fohat Digs Holes In Space
    Gong • Camembert Electrique
  • Need It To Work
    SASAMI • Squeeze
  • What If I Go?
    Mura Masa, featuring Bonzai • MURA MASA
  • U Got It
    Goodbye Honolulu • U Got It
  • Ferris Wheel (Terrace Martin Remix)
    Sylvan Esso • Ferris Wheel (Terrace Martin Remix)
  • Escalator
    Ritt Momney • Escalator
  • Raise It Up!
    grouptherapy., featuring Jadagrace • There Goes The Neighbourhood.
  • Purple Haze
    Zella Day • Purple Haze