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Behind The Boards

Friday 5:30am - 7am
Hosted By: Miguel Venexen

“Behind the Boards” is a deep diving radio show exploring the intricate world of music production. Each episode is a journey through the creative process, often spotlighting a specific producer or artist. With a focus on sampling as a true art form, listeners are treated to an exploration of how modern (and vintage!) tracks are shaped by the echoes of past recordings. From (occasionally) iconic hits to (ideally) obscure gems, the show uncovers the stories behind songs and the artists who sampled them, offering a rich tapestry of musical history.


Focused on showcasing local and Canadian talent, “Behind the Boards” is a platform for both established musicians and emerging voices to share their insights, experiences, and passion for music production. Through engaging interviews with musicians, producers, and dedicated fans, the show invites listeners to uncover the magic that happens behind the curtains!

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