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The Phonograph Frolic

A weekly showcase of great and interesting music and recordings from 1900 thru 1940. If it ever spun at…

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The Road to Nowhere

Your pathway to radio heaven. Indie, folk, country – it’s all here! Sponsored by Highline Magazine

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MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings

All-Canadian music to kick off your Saturday.

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The Avant Garage

What do you get when you combine a 25+ year college radio hack with a late night time slot? You…

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Jazz Odysseys

An exploration of jazz through different eras, countries, subgenres, and configurations. Kaeman presents a…

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Owsley Aurora

Somewhere between falling asleep and waking up, when you are not quite sure what is reality and what is…

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MAPL Syrup

It’s all Canadian, all the time. Marta delves into music from different cities each week, interviewing…

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The Nocturntable

Join The D~Jedi Master Christine for your weekly indulgence of The Nocturntable rawkin’ ‘em dead on 90.9fm for…

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