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Freshly Squeezed

Put your mind at ease with Jamal’s weekly squeeze.

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Music Eats Its Young

A late-night mix of tunes with an emphasis on beats and hip hop.

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Knotted Roots

Knotted Roots: a show dedicated to playing music from the essence of its prime. Mixing the roots of soul, reggae,…

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Dirty Needles

DirtyNeedles is Calgary’s premier weekly hip-hop mixshow on Calgary’s finest community radio station CJSW. Founded in 2001, DJ’s WyzeWon &…

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Bunte Welle

English: Every Saturday morning we are on air for our local and international listeners with our German radio show “Bunte…

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Carnival Mix

This upbeat program focuses on Soca/Calypso music, showcasing artists, interviews, and news from the Caribbean.

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Hrvatski Radio (Croatian)

The main objective of Hrvatski Radio is to provide information for the Croatian community in Calgary and the surrounding area.…

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Conectate Con Nash

A program dedicated to educating, helping, informing, and inspiring the general public to be better versions of themselves and enjoy…

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The Blues Witness

Welcome to the Blues Witness, featuring the best in blues from across Canada and beyond.

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Gate 23

Gate 23 is a monthly podcast covering uncoventional travel, climbing, backpacking, and anything that involves hitting the road. Travel guests…

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Notes from the Underground

Welcome to Notes from the Underground, a summer podcast dedicated to local groups and happenings in and around the city…

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Space + Place

Space + Place is a conversation about architecture, the city, and the visual culture around us. Hosted by amery Calvelli…

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YYC Makers

YYC Makers takes a look at Calgary’s creators and makers. Host Andres Porras interviews Calgarians that have embarked on creative…

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A journey within, around, and all over the expansive folk genre. Les and Bruce each bring a different side of…

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The Folk Song Hour

This program is dedicated to the education and exploration of early 1900s folk musics, primarily from North America. For one…

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The Phonograph Frolic

A weekly showcase of great and interesting music and recordings from 1900 thru 1940. If it ever spun at 78rpm,…

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My Two Cents Flat

Television may well be the opiate of the masses, CJSW is the drug of choice of the modern cognoscenti. My…

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Bass Ackwards

Two hours of Chaos and Confusion, with Industrial, EBM, and other such dark electro on the first hour, and Gothic…

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Doom What Thou Wilt

Doom What Thou Wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Epic, traditional, mournful, bombastic doom metal will be heard…

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Megawatt Mayhem

Crushing posers since 1986, Megawatt Mayhem stands as one of the world’s longest running Heavy Metal programs. Each week JP…

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Tha Gospel Ov Fire

Tha Gospel Ov Fire: some “good news” from Heraclitus: an analytic embrace ov all aeternal flux just as it becomes-…

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Art AF

Jane and Claire are joined together by their commitment to their forever-love: art. The show explores the irreverent, humorous and…

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The Gauntlet Radio

The Gauntlet is the University of Calgary’s independent student newspaper. Tune in monthly for news, interviews, thought provoking discussions and…

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From The Archives

A collection of some of CJSW’s best spoken word radio from throughout our history.

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Student’s Union Weekly

The SU Weekly is UofC’s source for on-campus news regarding the Students’ Union. Tune into 90.9FM on mondays at 11:30am,…

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Tombstone After Dark

Join revolving hosts Daren, Leah & Keri as we play you some country music – the good kind. The kind…

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The Inmost Light

Join Shion as he explores the depths of industrial, prog, folk, and avant-garde.

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Processed is a show that will explore the other side of electronic music: These are not the club anthems that…

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Katharsis is a weekly journey to the polar regions of contemporary music. These unfamiliar musical frontiers are scoured for adventurous…

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Fresh Out The Dryer

Colourful, psychedelic, experimental electronic music that will leave you dizzy and with a fresh outdoor scent, brought to you every…

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Lift The Bandstand

‘Lift The Bandstand’ is Wednesday evening Jazz on CJSW. The show is hosted by Gordon Hilton Fick. Gordon has been…

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Owsley Aurora

Somewhere between falling asleep and waking up, when you are not quite sure what is reality and what is dream,…

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Jazz Odysseys

An exploration of jazz through different eras, countries, subgenres, and configurations. Kaeman presents a passionate, enthusiastic program filled with great…

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The Morning After

Join Kenna Burima every Wednesday morning from 7 to 10 am on CJSW 90.9 FM for three hours of radio…

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Road Pops

Bringing you music and opinion since 1984, featuring the best in dub, 4:20 reggae, gypsy, afrobeat, latin, electronica, breakbeat, soul…

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Level The Vibes

Playing ska, reggae, and lovers rock from the 60s onwards

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The Doppler Effect

Tune in on Monday evenings from 9:00 to 10:00pm, when hosts Penny and Smoth meet you at the crossroads to…

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Radio Party

It’s a party and you’re invited. Bring a casserole to the party.

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The Future Language

If you dig the weirder and waxier side of life, tune your eardrums for two hours of riveting misfit music…

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Hive Mind

Has anyone else noticed the giant lizard people living among us?

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Attention Surplus Disorder

One of modern modern music’s most enduring genres, progressive rock has flourished since the late sixties when radio switched to…

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The Nocturntable

Turn-on and tune-in for 2 hours of radical rebel radio every Saturday night from 8-10pm MST! World, dub, funk, punk,…

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The Avant Garage

A lot of good music starts in the garage, and then works its way into your ears. The mechanics here…

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Dixie Fried

Tune in each week for the best dusty old soul, country and rockabilly. Expect songs about chicken, cornbread, chain gangs,…

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East Coulee Countdown

Drew is back in the driver’s seat, pulling out mixed bags of musical love and lobbing them to anyone and…

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The Cram Session

Get lost in your work with Taylor every Wednesday night at 11pm as he plays ambient electronic, and melodic post-rock…

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The Double Entendre Preserves!

An array of the sweetest of sweets, squash, conserve, sanctuary, marmalade, in your toes, on your toast, strawberry, salsa, blueberry,…

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MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings

All-Canadian music to kick off your Saturday.

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Fat Beat Diet

For over 15 years, the Fat Beat Diet has been taking listeners on a journey through the paths of funk…

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Her Royal Opinion

Katie brings you the best of the best tunes that will get you dancing and smiling every Thursday morning. Tune…

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Fade to Bass

Fade to Bass is your weekly lesson in all things bass. Exploring House and Techno that possess bass low enough…

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Instant Gratification: Revoked!

Chill beats and dance parties for your midmorning Wednesday wakeup!