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2023 Funding Drive

October 20-27, 2023

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Beat Salad

Beat Salad is a fresh take on your weekday morning CJSW jazz routine. A recipe to ease you into your …

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Breaking The Tethers

Listen to Breaking The Tethers for music you could call jazz, broadly defined. Free, modal, experimental, avant, out there, and …

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Improvisation, free jazz, contemporary composition, spoken word, mash-ups, plunderphonics, ambient, electronics, avant, post rock, extreme, outer limits are some descriptors.

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Vocal Cords

Vocal Cords is dedicated to the voice in all its shapes and forms. Dive into the world of vocal music …

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Free Verse

Where prairie road trip meets poetry slam. Kick off your afternoon with all things folk, country, and roots both old …

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A journey within, around, and all over the expansive folk genre. Les and Bruce each bring a different side of …

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Acheulean Age

Take a walk along an ancient road deep into the wilderness, where folkways lead with Outsider ambition. Tune in for …

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Tombstone After Dark

Join revolving hosts Daren & Keri as we play you some country music – the good kind. The kind that’s …