wednesday 12:00 am Lois Loves Clark
wednesday 2:00 am The Vibe
wednesday 5:30 am ‘Round Daylight
wednesday 7:00 am The Morning After
wednesday 10:00 am Instant Gratification: Revoked!
wednesday 11:00 am Alternative Radio
wednesday 12:00 pm Don’t Call me Donna
wednesday 2:00 pm U of CJSW
wednesday 4:00 pm Halfway Home
wednesday 6:00 pm East Coulee Countdown
wednesday 7:00 pm The Blues Witness
wednesday 8:00 pm Writer’s Block
wednesday 8:30 pm Lift The Bandstand
wednesday 10:00 pm Jane and Tasya’s Guide to Good Things
wednesday 11:00 pm Ice and Coals

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