monday 12:00 am Avocado Daze
monday 1:00 am The Phonograph Frolic
monday 3:00 am Straight On ‘Til Morning
monday 5:30 am Jazz Fo Yo Soul!
monday 7:00 am The A.M.
monday 10:00 am Breaking The Tethers
monday 11:00 am CJSW Presents
monday 12:00 pm The Brutal and the Beautiful
monday 2:00 pm The New New Classics
monday 4:00 pm Primary Colours
monday 6:00 pm French Transe En Danse
monday 7:00 pm South Louisiana Gumbo
monday 8:00 pm CJSW Presents
monday 9:00 pm The Doppler Effect
monday 10:00 pm The Spin Evolution
monday 11:00 pm Radio Free Transylvania

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