tuesday 12:00 am Prairie Surfin’
tuesday 2:00 am Tha Gospel Ov Fire
tuesday 5:30 am The Waking State
tuesday 7:00 am My Two Cents Flat
tuesday 10:00 am Outside The Lines
tuesday 11:00 am CJSW Presents
tuesday 12:00 pm The Road to Nowhere
tuesday 2:00 pm Suffragette City
tuesday 4:00 pm Freshly Squeezed
tuesday 6:00 pm Saffron Cinema
tuesday 7:00 pm Tombstone After Dark
tuesday 8:00 pm CJSW Presents
tuesday 9:00 pm Pretty In Pink
tuesday 10:00 pm The Royal We
tuesday 11:00 pm Doom What Thou Wilt

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