saturday 12:00 am DNA
saturday 1:00 am The Mix Up
saturday 3:00 am The Late Night Laboratory
saturday 7:00 am MAPL Syrup Saturday Mornings
saturday 8:00 am Radio Oromia
saturday 8:30 am Voice Of Ethiopia
saturday 9:00 am Bunte Welle
saturday 10:00 am Hellenic Melodies
saturday 11:00 am Speaking in Tongues
saturday 1:00 pm The Double Entendre Preserves!
saturday 3:00 pm Basset Sounds
saturday 4:00 pm Level The Vibes
saturday 6:00 pm Carnival Mix
saturday 7:00 pm Oh Africa!
saturday 8:00 pm The Nocturntable
saturday 10:00 pm Megawatt Mayhem

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